But you promised me you would not be displeased, and that you would not be angry with me for. And there is no nobleman in this region, however rich and powerful, who would not willingly have taken her to wife had I given my consent. 119 (Vv.) When the kiss of the Stag was taken according to the custom of the country, Erec, like a polite and kind man, was solicitous for his poor host.

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It is wrong for you to despise your life." "He is perfectly right the damsel says; "for will not the news of his disgrace be known everywhere? So if you cherish some rash thought be careful not to utter. She alone remains behind, often clutching at her throat, wringing her hands, and beating her palms, as she reads her psalms in her gilt lettered psalter. Proceeding faster than a walk, I drew near and saw the palisade and moat all round it, deep and wide, and standing upon the bridge, with a moulted falcon upon his wrist, I saw the master of the castle.

All the knights said it was a great pity and misfortune that such a valiant man as he was wont to be should no longer wish to bear arms. And the King says that he will decide the quarrel fairly and faithfully. This work was portrayed on the stuff of which Erec's robe was made, all worked and woven with thread of gold. So eat now, and I will eat too, fair friend." Then Guivret sat down by Erec's side, and so did Enide who was much pleased by all that Guivret did. When John came to the wall, he stopped, holding Cliges by the right hand. "You disdain to love me, lady?" says he; "upon my word, you are too proud. So not a word does she reply, but rather keeps silence; and thus they go, leading with them all the eight horses.

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Not a word do they exchange, for if they had stopped to converse their meeting would have been different. From the moment he caught sight of her, he did not turn or take his eyes and face from her, defending himself with backhand blows. At the water's edge they stripped, and then washed and bathed themselves. The cause of his first success must have been that he never engaged at arms before, and he was so brave at his first attack that the most skilled knight dared not withstand him, for he fought like a wild man. The terms of the peace are these: he will surrender the Queen to Lancelot, provided that the latter without reluctance will fight them again within a year of such time as he shall choose to summon him: this is no trial to Lancelot.

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